The Spanish University Sports Committee (CEDU) was created in 1988 by Order of December, 20, in development of Royal Decree 2069/1985, 9 October, on university sports competencies. 

The CEDU is the collegiate assisting and advisory body, attached to the Presidency of the High Council of Sports for the best fulfilment of the functions envisaged under Article 4 of the Royal Decree 2069/1985, 9 October and also for supporting effective coordination assigned to the High Council of Sports. 

The Spanish University Sports Committee would have the following functions: 

a) Submit to the High Council of Sports the annual plan, including national and international sports competitions and sporting activities. 

b) Provide technical advice to the High Council of Sports on preparatory and follow-up actions required for the implementacion and development of university sports competitions and activities that may correspond to High Council of Sports. 

c) Prepare reports and opinions on university sports for their study and consideration by the High Council of Sports. 

d) Other instrumental functions that may be entrusted to the Spanish University Sports Committee by the High Council of Sports.