The University of Granada was founded in 1526 by Emperor Charles V. In the beginning, the university only had four teachers and only the disciplines of logic, theology, canon law and grammar.

Since then, our university has suffered numerous changes and evolved considerably, to the point where it has grown to become one of the best institutions of our time. Students at our university can profit of a wide range of degrees to study, cultural activities, sports facilities and many more.

Granada is known for many reasons, and our university for sure is one of them. During your time off in the city, do not hesitate to visit its several campuses where the arts are studied. Wander into the historical buildings of the Faculty of Law or the Faculty of Translation, both located at the heart of the city.

If you wish to learn more about our university and its history, do not miss out on these buildings and make sure to pay a visit to the Botanical Garden, founded in the year 1783 and still standing beautifully today.

The many campuses, faculties, and degrees our university offers make Granada an ideal destination for students that come from many places in and out of Spain. If you want to experience this university environment, be sure to discover the streets of Granada and the landmarks of the University of Granada.