The Royal Society  Tennis  Granada, hereinafter R.S.T., is a benchmark of Tennis, both provincial, regional and national, which in its sporting structure groups the sport of tennis and paddle.

The Club was founded in 1917, more than a century years of history, culture and passion for tennis. R.S.T.  has extensive experience both nationally and internationally, organizing several championships of absolute Spain as well as various international W.T.A tournament.

We cannot forget the female tennis players trained in the RST, who have excelled in this tournament such as Lucia Cervera, champion child fry of Spain and first Granada to win an ITF, Teresa Ferrer, Lucia Martinez or Nuria Párrizas (top 100 WTA). In the Men's category, Roberto Carballes Baena, number 74 ATP is currently training in these sports facilities.

The R.S.T. has more than 600 members and countless followers, holding multiple social and sporting events.

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