Accreditation centre

The main Accreditation Centre is located at the Emperador Carlos V Residence Hall. Address: Calle Prof. Vicente Callao, 3, 18011 Granada.
Accreditation will be provided on July 2 and July 3 upon arrival.


Required documents for athletes and officials

  • Passport or ID card.
  • Individual Entry Form.


Loss of the accreditation card:

In case of loss of the Accreditation Card, the participant must personally approach the OC Accreditation Center and report the loss by using a valid Identification document (passport or ID card). Inquiries about issuing replacement cards are to be made directly at the Accreditation Centre, where new cards will be printed. A new Accreditation Card will have the cost of 50 (fifty) euros and will be paid on the spot.


Accreditation card:

The Accreditation Card is the only official and valid document for the participants of Granada EUSA Tennis 2023 Championship; therefore, it must always be visible in order to access restricted event areas.
Monitoring of access will be achieved through the Accreditation Cards, which will be checked at all site entrances. People not holding an Accreditation Card or holding a Card which does not have the required access rights will not be allowed to enter. Improper usage of personal Accreditation Cards is prosecutable by law and will be reported to the Security Operational Center.


OC Contact prson:

Mr. Alejandro Martín-Requena Martínez.