EUSA Tennis coming to Granada in 2023

The city of Granada, Spain, will host the European Universities Tennis Championship in 2023. The event will take place in early July, from the 3rd until the 9th. 

On November 3rd, EUSA Assistant Sports Manager, Mr Mariano Carcatella together with EUSA Technical Delegate for Tennis, Mr Michal Sikorski, did an Inspection visit in Granada, to evaluate and check the organisational progress of the preparations for the European Universities Championship in Tennis.
During this inspection visit, the Organisational Committee was represented by Ms Margarita Sanchez, Vice-Rector of University of Granada, Mr Jose A. Ibanez, Director of Communication Office at University of Granada, Mr Jordi Mercade, Director of Sports Service at University of Granada and Mr Jesus Montes, President of the Royal Tennis Society of Granada.

The inspection visit lasted one day and included various visits to different sports venues as well as few meetings. The meetings were hosted by the Rectorate of University of Granada, where EUSA Representatives had the chance to see the presentation about the logo of the Championship including other promotional materials, details about the marketing and communication plan, the transport plan, financial overview, volunteers, the social program of the championship, the Opening and Closing Ceremony, the sports competition and other technical issues. 

The visit than continued with a visit of the potential accommodation places, the catering area, GTM room and the designated space for the Accreditation Area at the Carlos V Student Residence. 

Sport venues were also part of the Inspection visit. EUSA Representatives and Organisational Committee had the chance to check and inspect the two main venues, the Royal Tennis Society of Granada and the sports Venues at the Campus Fuentenueva at University of Granada. Both of these sports venues and its tennis courts, have a great potential to host the athletes, competing in the European Universities Championship in 2023.

The one-day Inspection Visit, ended with a  final meeting and conclusions as well as visits to other different and great equipped multi-sports facilities that Granada has to offer to students.

EUSA Sports Manager and Technical Delegates thanked the OC for the great inspection visit and congratulated the good preparations, while highlighting their satisfaction that the European Universities Championship in Tennis will be hosted by a historical University of Granada and in vibrant student city with more than 60 000 students living and studying there.